Drill bits — wing type

USD $253-$410

Drill bit for water well drilling rig

Drill bit catalogue
Ø200 4хG 2"USD $430
Ø200 3хG 2"USD $348
Ø180 4хG 2"USD $410
Ø180 3хG 2"USD $332
Ø160 4хG 2"USD $385
Ø160 3хG 2"USD $315
Ø150 4хG 2"USD $385
Ø150 3хG 2"USD $315
Ø140 3хG 1-1/2"USD $299
Ø125 3хG 1-1/2"USD $294
Ø112 3хG 1-1/2"USD $257
Ø100 3хG 1-1/2"USD $257
Ø80 3хG 1-1/2"USD $253

Wing type drill bits, reinforced with WC-8 tungsten carbide plates

We offer 2 variations:

  • 3-wing drill bit for drilling soft rocks and clays
  • 4-wing drill bit for drilling hard rocks up to 7th category (Mohs Hardness Scale)

Thread — British Standard Pipe thread (BSPP)

Compatible with standards:

  • ISO R228
  • EN 10226 (Europe)
  • DIN 259 (Germany)
  • BS 2779 (Great Britain)
  • JIS B 0202 (Japan)
  • GOST 6357-81 (Russia)

water well drilling bit drawing
The central part of the drill bit consists of cutting edges that rotate around the center. The shape of the plates has a back angle. During drilling, the cutting edge becomes dull and must be sharpened. To do this, you need to use a grinding machine and green silicon carbide wheel.
Brazing of carbide plates is performed using an induction heating unit.
To improve flushing, we make a beveled edges, that reflect the water jet into the cutting zone.


To connect the drill bit with a drill rod you can use an adapter. It is included to kit with each drill bit.
The adapter has a ready made thread for drill bit connection. On the other side you can make your thread for drill rod connection. This is an adapter for threading.

Below are photos of drill bits of all diameters:

Drill bit Ø200 mm 4-wings
Бур для малогабаритной буровой установки
Долото буровое для скважин на воду
Drill bit Ø200 мм 3-wings
Drill bit wing type
Water well drill bit
Drill bit Ø180 mm 4-wings
4 wings drill bit
Drill bit to drill wells
Drill bit Ø180 mm 3-wings
Drill bit for hydraulic drilling rig
drill bit 3 wings
Drill bit Ø160 mm 4-wings
How to make a drill bit for well drilling
Drill bit for wells
Drill bit Ø160 mm 3-wings
Carbide drill bit wing type
Drill bit blade type
Drill bit Ø150 mm 4-wings
Drag bit for wells
Drill bit for soft rock
Drill bit Ø150 mm 3-wings
Drill bit for sandstone drilling
Drill bit 150mm 3 wings
Drill bit Ø140 mm 3-wings
Rock drilling bit
Soft rock drilling bit
Drill bit Ø125 mm 3-wings
Drill bit for water well drilling rig
Drilling wells drill tip
Drill bit Ø112 mm 3-wings
Carbide drill bit
Drill bit for 125 pipe
Drill bit Ø100 mm 3-wings
Drill bit 100mm
Wing drill bit 100mm
Drill bit Ø80 mm 3-wings
Drag bit
Drill bit for rock drilling

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