Drag bit 4″ Ø100mm 3-blades

Price: 155$

Drag bit for water well drilling rig
Drag bit for water well drilling rig

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  • Diameter: 100mm
  • Blades: 3
  • Carbide mark: WC8 (Wolfram carbide 92%, cobalt 8%)
  • Blade thickness: 14mm
  • Thread: G 1 1/2 — British Standard Pipe thread ISO R228

    Compatible with standards:

    • EN 10226 (Europe)
    • DIN 259 (Germany)
    • BS 2779 (Great Britain)
    • JIS B 0202 (Japan)
    • ГОСТ 6357-81 (Russia)


    Drill bits blade type used for drilling rock up to 7 hardness categories.

    Through this structure, our drill bits surpasses analogues in passability, speed and wear resistance.

    Cutting part is reinforced with continuous series of tungsten carbide plates WC8 (Wolfram carbide 92%, Cobalt 8%). The shape of the plate forms the back angle.

    The tip consists of several edges with a special sharpening.

    Side plates calibrate wellbore and hold the direction.

    Flushing is fed directly into the cutting zone, rock and clay is not clogging.

    To achieve high quality plates soldering is used induction heater.

    For each drill bit you get an adapter.

    Adapter for threading:

    Adapter for drag bits

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