Portable hydraulic water well drilling rig

Price: From 8730$

Drilling rig is used for drilling wells with flushing or auger. Compact design allows you to install rig on any kind of chassis: from two-wheel trailers to trucks.

Metal structure

Dimensions, weight
Rig length1500mm
Mast length2300mm

The metal structure is made with a large margin of strenght and is capable of withstanding significant loads. The mast rotates to the working position with a hydraulic cylinder and can be dismantled for easy transportation.

The connection with drilling rig is made of massive parts. For additional rigidity of the construction, is used a clamp. The load is transferred to the drilling rig frame.

Drilling rig mast connection


We offer 2 variations of rotator unit. You can choose 1 or both:

Rotator unit variations

TypeFlushing drillingAuger dilling
Motor power400N*m800N*m
Rotational speed240rpm120rpm
Well dimensionsØ200mm 130mØ200mm 30m
  • The first one is a hydraulic motor with swivel for drilling wells by the flushing method. The hydraulic motor allows smoothly adjusting the speed of rotation and ensures a high torque. The swivel is rigidly connected to the frame. It is hold the weight of tools and is able to take strong shocks and vibrations.
  • Hydraulic motor with swivel for portable drilling rig

  • The second rotator is used for drilling wells with auger. It consists of hydraulic motor and a support block with hexagonal connection. It uses a more powerful hydraulic motor with lower rotational speed.
  • Hydraulic motor with auger for portable drilling rig

You can quickly replace the base unit in the field conditions. The fastening mechanism is presented in the form of two finger-clamps. One person can replace the unit. To join the motor are used a quick-detachable hydraulic connections.

Oil supply

In our drilling rig is used a dual-branch oil supply circuit.

Drilling rig oil supply

One pump controls the hydraulic motor, the second pump controls the hydraulic cylinder for lowering and raising the tool. This ensures the constancy of the parameters during operation. With increasing pressure on the bit, the hydraulic motor will rotate at constant speed and provide an unchanged torque.

Hydraulic cylinder parameters

Up pressure3000kg
Down pressure2500kg

To cool hydraulic oil is used a heat exchanger. There is installed a sensor, which starts the fan, providing accelerated cooling.

Hydraulic oil cooler for drilling rig


The drilling rig uses an engine. It can be diesel or petrol. The engine has its own cooling system and is mounted on vibration mounts.

Engine variations

Engine power19.7hp 14.5kW19hp 14kW
Cooling systemLiquidAir

Engine for drilling rig - Diesel or Petrol

Drill rod

We offer 2 variations of drill rod:

Drill rod variations

Tube diameterØ63mmØ50mm
ThreadAPI 2-3/8" REGGOST 7918-75

Drill rod for water well drilling rig


We offer 3 variations of auger:

Auger variations

Top Ø120mm300mm
Top Ø150mm300mm
Top Ø200mm300mm

Auger for water well drilling rig

You can choose different completing for drilling rig.

The cost of the rotator unit is not included in the cost of the drilling rig.

Example calculation:

  • Drilling rig with petrol engine — 7780$
  • Rotator with swivel — 1350$
  • Drill rods 50mm 30pcs — 82$ х30=2460$
  • Drag bit Ø150mm 3-blades — 201$
  • Total price: 11791$

Here is presented a pricing table (US dollars):

Pricing table

Drilling rig price

With diesel engine8900$
With petrol engine8200$

Rotator price

With swivel for flushing drilling1550$
With support block for auger drilling1300$

Drill rod price

Drill rod Ø63mm186$
Drill rod Ø50mm124$

Auger price

Auger Ø180260$
Auger Ø135230$
Auger Ø100185$
Auger top Ø200315$
Auger top Ø150280$
Auger top Ø120245$

Portable hydraulic water well drilling rig
Portable hydraulic water well drilling rig
Portable hydraulic water well drilling rig
Portable hydraulic water well drilling rig

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