Hydraulic drilling rig

USD $16,988

Portable drilling rig
The drilling rig is built on the basis of a diesel engine. The hydraulic circuit is divided into three streams, each with its own hydraulic pump. When using multiple drives at the same time and increasing the load, the operating parameters are retained.
Water well drilling rig
The drilling rig has a compact, versatile design. It can be installed on different types of chassis: trailer, pickup, truck, tracked chassis, etc. At the same time, a flow switch is provided in the hydraulic system of the unit to control the movement of the chassis.

Drilling rig specifications
Drilling depth200m
Hole diameter250mm
Mast working stroke3200mm
Rotation speed200rpm
Pull up/down force2500kg
Speed up/down250mm/sec
Oil volume35L
Oil heating radiator12V DC, 50W
Transport dimensions3650x800x1436mm
Working dimensions1935x800x3650mm

Drilling rig with diesel engine

Engine specifications
Engine power30 kW/h
Fuel consumption248 g/kW*h
Nominal fuel consumption6,5 l/h
Engine capacity2350 cm3
Number of cylinders4
Noise level110 dB

Additional equipment:

Mud pump for drilling rig

Piston mud pump

Pump for supplying drilling fluid to the bottom of the well. The piston is driven by a hydraulic cylinder, which is controlled by an electrically controlled hydraulic valve. The mud pump provides a pressure of 15 atm and pumps 400 l / min.
Trailer for water drilling rig

Two-axle trailer

The trailer is specially designed for this drilling rig. It allows you to move in hard-to-reach places where heavy transport cannot pass.
Hydraulic supports for drilling rig

Hydraulic supports

Supports are mounted on the chassis to support the weight of the drill string. The set consists of two supports with hydraulic locks.
Friction drive for drilling rig

Trailer traction drive

The trailer wheels are rotated by two hydraulic motors. A hydraulic cylinder is used to hold down the clutches. The friction drive allows for maneuvers and turns for precise positioning of the drilling rig.
Drill pipes for water drilling rig

Drill pipes and tool joints

Pipe dimensionsTool joints
Ø60x6 L=3mAPI 2 3/8 REG
Ø50x6 L=3mZ-50

Video about hydraulic drilling rig:

Price list

Item namePrice, USD
Drilling rig with diesel engine$16,988
Piston mud pump$2,073
Two axle trailer$4,356
Hydraulic supports 2pc$744
Trailer traction drive$2,220
Drill wrench set$210
Drill rod L3m Ø60x6 API 2 3/8 REG$290
Drill rod L3m Ø50x6 Z-50$240

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