Drilling swivel SDR-45S

USD $3,600

US customers can buy the swivel here burovik.us


Swivel for water well drilling rig


  • Weight 40 kg
  • Water hole 45 mm
  • Max capacity 12 t
  • Max pressure 20 bar
  • Max rotation speed 350 rpm
  • Differences between SDR-45S and previous swivel model (SDR-35S):

  • Flushing hole enlarged
  • Hydraulic seals installed instead of a pair of oil seals
  • Increased lifting capacity
  • Shaft with hardened stainless steel sleeves

    Shaft with stainless sleeves for water swivel
    During swivel operation, the sliding surface of the seals is not covered with rust.

    4 seal barriers:

    Water swivel seals drawing

  • PTFE seals — sand tight
  • Hydraulic polyurethane seals — withstand high hidh pressure (up to 200 bar)
  • Rubber reinforced seals — shaft and flanges sealing
  • Tapered roller bearings

    Bearings for water swivel
    Perceive impacts and transmit them to the rig frame.

    Connection with drilling rig

    Water swivel installing
    The swivel should be connected to the rig through a mounting flange (top or bottom). Mounting through the bottom flange allows the total length of the swivel to be reduced to accommodate the carriage lift.

    Hydraulic motor connection

    Swivel connection with hydraulic motor
    Adapter for water swivel and hydraulic motor shaft
    A bushing is used to connect to the hydraulic motor, inside which we will make a connection for your motor. If you want to make the connection by yourself, we will send a solid bushing without hole.

    Transition piece

    Swivel and hydraulic motor adapter
    We can manufacture an adapter piece to connect to your hydraulic motor.

    Drill rod adapter

    Drill rod adapter for water swivel
    Can be with or without finished threads (you can cut the threads yourself). When ordering a swivel with an elevator, the adapter will be elongated.


    Drilling rig elevator for drill rod tripping process accelerating
    Designed for lifting, twisting and unscrewing drill rods, as well as accelerating tripping process.

    The kit includes:

  • Swivel
  • Adapter
  • Motor connection
  • Water inlet connection
  • Spare seals
  • Additional options (not included to kit):

  • Transition piece for hydraulic motor — USD $380
  • Elevator — USD $1600
  • How to place an order

    To make a swivel, I need to know the following dimensions:

  • Hydraulic motor shaft diameter and keyway width
  • Connecting dimensions of the hydraulic motor (for the manufacture of the transition piece)
  • Dimensions of drill rod couplings (for making an elevator)
  • Hydraulic motor dimensions for water swivel connection
    Drill rod dimensions for water swivel connection

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