Tool joints

USD $100-180

We offer the following tool joint connections to meet the requirements of various drilling rig models:

Main threadPipe threadOuter diameterHole diameterKey slotPrice
API 2 3/8" REG2″ API spec 5b79mm35mm55mm$180
Z-74/442″ API spec 5b74mm44mm55mm$170
Z-501 1/2″ API spec 5b64mm30mm46mm$100

Tool joints API 2 3/8 REG

Tool joints API 2 3/8 REG
Tool joints drawing
Drill rod connections for pipes with a diameter of 60mm, 63mm.
Designed to work in tough conditions.

  • Main thread — API 2 3/8 REG spec 7
  • Pipe thread — 2″ API spec 5b
  • Hole diameter 35mm
  • Volumetric hardening 28-32 HRC
  • Tool joints Z-74/44

    Drill pipe couplings with wide hole
    Tool joints for drill pipes with a diameter of 60mm, 63mm with a wide hole.
    Used for rotary drilling of water wells with flushing.

  • Main thread — Z-74/44
  • Pipe thread — 2″ API spec 5b
  • Hole diameter 44mm
  • Volumetric hardening 28-32 HRC
  • Drill pipe couplings Z-50

    Drill pipe connections
    Drill pipe couplings 50mm
    Standard tool joints for 50mm diameter exploration drill pipe.
    The locks are used in URB-2A2 drilling rigs. There is also a shortened version of the couplings for small-sized drilling rigs.

  • Main thread — Z-50 (GOST 7918-75)
  • Pipe thread — 1 1/2″ API spec 5b
  • Hole diameter 30mm
  • Volumetric hardening 28-32 HRC
  • We also manufacture drill pipe tool joints according to API specifications for the oil and gas industry.

    Mechanical processing is carried out on CNC machines. All materials have a certificate of conformity.

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